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Academy seminars are perfectly suited for special groups of all variety, who can elect to host seminars.

Corporate/Special Group Seminars
The Academy will gladly work with any corporation, department or agency, special group, organization, or association to accommodate the presentation of one or any number of our professional seminars or the entire series of our professional seminars.

For such seminars that are conducted at the corporate, department or agency, group, organization, or association location, the number of Seminar Attendees will not be limited to twenty-five. Seminars conducted at our Academy units are limited to twenty-five (25) Attendees per presentation.

The Academy unit will provide each Seminar Attendee with the formal written seminar curriculum and the seminar's corresponding textbook. The seminar will be conducted by an Academy professional certified Instructor.

Franchisees are expected to develop swift, meaningful, and lasting relationships with businesses, departments and agencies, groups, organizations, and associations within their respective territories.

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